come back to Life

A journey into the body and the authentic Self.

If you’re anything like me, chances are you feel pretty rattled by everything that’s happened in the last couple of years.

My intention with Flourish is to guide you into the most open, relaxed, and clear version of yourself possible.

This involves meeting whatever is in between you and that state of being.

When you’re stressed and your sympathetic nervous system is activated, you can’t truly relax and open to Life or the inspiration and motivation that flows from a relaxed state.

This program is a reset of the system

A rejuvenating deep dive into the Self through the body

A collaborative and healing meeting of minds, hearts, bodies, and souls

To unlock the aliveness within.

The upcoming January 2022 program is about rejuvenation.

You, me, and 6 others will be meeting once a week for 2 hours online via Zoom.

I’ll be guiding practices and processes based on individual intentions and the energy of the group.

We’ll also have a group Telegram messenger chat for the duration so you can share your revelations, questions, progress, and process.

I’ll be supporting you to:

  • Release stress and trauma through the body
  • Process stored emotions
  • Connect with your deeper truth
  • Activate your aliveness
  • Question your stressful thoughts and beliefs
  • Restore your nervous system
  • Enter into pleasure states and embrace sensuality
  • Move through Life with more integrity and clarity

We’ll also speak in depth about boundaries and consent and have strong agreements in place.

Are you ready to come back to Life?

We often think we can’t handle the challenges ahead without steeling ourselves to Life, but the opposite is actually true. The more we give our bodies and our nervous systems a chance to relax and recover, the more adaptable and powerful we become.

There are 7 spots available

This program includes:

– A weekly 2-hour group call via Zoom

– Access to the Telegram messenger group chat

– Lifetime access to Your Body, An Instrument & The Body Clearing Pack

There will be 7 people per course + me



$1000AUD upfront OR 3 monthly payments of $350AUD ($1050AUD total)

Next dates:
Saturday 15th January 2022
9-11am AWST / 12-2pm AEDT for our first group call
Call is the same time every week for 7 weeks (last call is 26th February) 
Sign ups close 5pm AWST Friday 14th January 2022

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Applications are now closed.

My name's Kathryn and I'll be your guide on this journey

Over the years I’ve developed a deep and loving relationship with my body, but it wasn’t always this way.

I grew up in a house full of women, not eating the best foods, but always encouraged to move my body in some way.

As a child and teen, I loved to dance.

In my early twenties I started exercising intensely with martial arts as a way to deal with anxiety and was the fittest I’d ever been.

I also noticed at this time that I was very stressed and almost losing weight as a result of that as well as the chronic exercising.

It wasn’t until 2015 that I discovered a new way of moving and being that was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before.

Feminine erotic embodiment changed my life, pointed me inwards, connected me with my body’s wisdom, opened portals to other worlds through my intuition and deep knowing, helped me sensitise my body, opened me to my gifts, and more.

I discovered I was queer and into women. I began pursuing the healing arts with zest.

Dancing became a way of life, but not dancing in the way I’d known it… dancing to express my erotic essence, my emotions, my life force, my magic.

I’ve not stopped since then.

Later I learned about nervous system regulation and embodied trauma release and this took me a step deeper as I was able to track when I was in a stressed state and when I wasn’t.

I noticed how my thoughts and sleeping patterns changed when I was stressed. I tracked addictive patterns of behaviour for years and resolved many of them with the tools that I learned.

At some point I stopped following food rules and began eating intuitively without restriction.

In 2018 I became a Certified Spiral Practitioner.

In 2019 I became a WILDGRACE Trainer certified in the Parasympathetic Restoration Formula™, and was mentored by Sigourney Belle for 6 months to sharpen my skillset.

In 2019 I started my company Secure & In Love and worked with many clients, taking them into and resolving their trauma and attachment issues on a body-level with great results.

More recently I’ve been learning to pole dance and have increased my training regimen quite a bit but with a new level of awareness and devotion to myself, my body, my gifts.

I see energy, receive visions, talk to bodies and plants, channel guidance from Source, commune with spirits, and trust myself and my own wisdom first and foremost.

I worked hard to get myself to a point where I could trust myself the way I do now.

I want the same for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this program help me reach my goals?

I’ll be honest, if you want something linear then this may not be the path for you.

If you want something deep, sustainable, long-lasting, meaningful, and TRUE then this may be the one.

We look at how Life is wanting to move through you and help resolve the things that stand in the way of that.

You will find that as you tap into your Life force energy and the natural flow wanting to move you, the momentum is unparalleled.

You can set an intention and Life will help you get there, it just may not be in the way you expect.

What experience do you have working with people on this kind of thing?

In 2018 I started taking some clients through The Spiral, which is a program designed to clear conditioning in the most optimal efficient way.

In 2019 I started working with clients on body pain and attachment issues in relationships.

And since 2019, I’ve been obsessed with the body and keep coming back to it as an area of focus.

I’m interested in the most true expression of Life that is possible.

What training do you have?

I trained as a Spiral Practitioner in 2018, was certified in the Parasympathetic Restoration Formula with Sigourney Belle and WILDGRACE in 2019. She mentored me for 6 months after the initial training and I learned how to facilitate big group trainings.

I started officially working with clients full-time at the end of 2019 helping them resolve trauma, conditioning, body tension and stress, and create new narratives for themselves.

I have worked with clients 1:1 and in groups, online and in-person.

I have been doing my own work of this nature since the end of 2015.