Kathryn Rollins is an Embodied Trauma Release & Relationship Specialist.

Having spent years studying the fields of human consciousness, trauma release, stress response, attachment theory, tantric movement and embodiment practices, Kathryn has established herself as a specialist at facilitating the release of trauma and stress from the body, returning it to its natural state of embodied love and compassion. 

In her revolutionary program ‘Secure & In Love’, Kathryn teaches self love practices, boundaries and standards in relationship, secure attachment style and how to move from codependency to interdependency. In some cases she facilitates the body’s release of deeply held trauma so that it can return to a vibrant, healthy state, free from stress and anxiety in everyday life.

On a self-healing journey since the end of 2015 when she had her first archetypal embodiment experience, Kathryn became obsessed with mapping her own system and learning from first-hand experience how the physical body and spirit work together. As an anxious and sensitive child and young woman, she longed to unlock her full potential and understand her emotions. Kathryn struggled with her body weight, suffered from chronic neck and back pain and experienced regular colds, asthma and insomnia for years unable to find true and lasting relief from any of the treatments Western Medicine provided. It was after discovering embodiment work and emotional clearing that her health drastically changed and she was finally able to completely overcome what she previously thought to be incurable.

Kathryn spent years studying secure attachment and holistic healing and went on to become a certified Spiral Practitioner and facilitator of the global movement WILDGRACE, combining specialised knowledge of NLP, Kinesiology, Spiral Dynamics, The Chakra System, Tantra, Sensual Meditation, and Yin Yoga.

In a world where people are plagued with increasing anxiety, mental illness and health issues, Kathryn works to reconnect people with their bodies to develop a healthy free-flowing relationship with their emotions, ultimately cultivating true vitality and aliveness.

Kathryn’s life mission is to take people from anxious and insecure to alive, sensual, grounded, secure and in love.  Her passion is to teach people how to connect to their intuition, cultivate intoxicating self love and feel the full pleasure in their body.

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What people are saying

“I feel more open in my heart space. I don’t feel scared of being vulnerable and having my heart broken any more. I’m ready to love and be loved.”
– Sari

“I’m much sweeter to myself. Kinder. More loving and compassionate. I can access that more easily and quickly.”
– Abby

Work with me

1:1 Sessions

Secure & In Love Session

An online session to repattern conditioning, release trauma, and come back to truth and love through shadow work, embodiment techniques, emotional clearing, and intuitive guidance.

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Past Relationship Cleanup

An online session to help clear up any emotional or energetic debris from past relationships so you can move forward lighter and more open. We’ll use a range of techniques such as emotional clearing, embodiment techniques, shamanic aspecting and ritual, meditation and visualisation, and energy healing.

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Intuitive Reading

Step into my online office for an intuitive reading of your energy body, and a conversation about where you’re blocked, what you might need, and where to go next.

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Online Course & 1:1 Mentorship Program

My signature program where you can transform your attachment style, learn new relating skills, learn to create safety in your own body, and cultivate a feeling of abundance and love.

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