I educate people on the root cause of their physical pain, so that together we can completely transform their symptoms into a state of grounded pleasure and aliveness.

Since the dawn of time, traditional western medicine has failed to provide us with accurate diagnosis for the cause of our underlying pain. As a result of excess misinformation and prescriptions for temporary relief, we have been trained to look in all the wrong places. As a result we are still sick and deprived of the foundations of good health.

The reason our physical pain reoccurs is because we have been taught to only address the physical symptoms. Pain is a result of emotional and energetic imbalances in the body. This means that the vast majority of people are being misdiagnosed and mistreated. They are given bandaids for bullet wounds. Chronic pain will continue to create disturbances and discord as long as it is “managed” and not treated properly. This is because the solution isn’t found in the physical body. In order to effectively eliminate our symptoms once and for all, we need to start looking at the energetic and emotional bodies instead.

Every single illness corresponds to a pattern of psychological distress, beliefs and attitudes. These patterns lay dormant in the subconscious mind that lives in the body. During an energetic adjustment, I facilitate the bodies realignment and return everything back to where it belongs, bringing your mind, body & spirit into homeostasis.

An energetic adjustment restores your body so that you can finally feel pain-free, open, sensual and alive.

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Do You Love Me?

Do you desire to love yourself more? To experience more freedom in your life and your relationships? Do you want to look into the darkest places of your psyche and come out feeling brighter and more free than EVER BEFORE?

This 4-week online group program is a revolutionary look at the issues that plague us… the paranoia, the insecurity, the fears, the doubts, the repetitive loops.

It’s for the courageous, the ones ready to look at the things most people avoid and set themselves free.

It’s a journey into whatever it is that is stopping you from living your best life and loving yourself wholly and fully.

2020 programs open for application now.

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Repatterning Sessions

An online space to dig into the stuff that is weighing you down, keeping you stuck, making you heavy, looping you around, and causing you to contract. Bring the things that scare you and let’s get free. I use the body as an access point for pulling out trauma and conditioning by the root and creating space for new things to grow.

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Energetic Adjustments

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Perth, Western Australia

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Kathryn Rollins is an Energy Medicine & Movement Facilitator, based in Perth, Western Australia.

Having spent years studying the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, energy medicine, tantric movement and embodiment practices, Kathryn has established herself as a specialist at facilitating the body’s intuitive healing process.

In her energetic adjustment sessions, Kathryn scans the body (an intuitive x-ray) and locates the root cause of chronic pain and illness. She pinpoints the location of misalignment in the energy body and provides an in-person treatment through movement, tapping into the body’s innate wisdom and power to heal itself. In some cases she performs energetic surgery, returning lost energy back to where it belongs for optimum health and function.

On a self-healing journey since the end of 2015 when she experienced her first archetypal embodiment experience, Kathryn became obsessed with mapping her own system and learning from first-hand experience how the physical body and spirit work together. As an anxious and sensitive child and young woman, she longed to unlock her full potential and understand her emotions. Kathryn struggled with her body weight, suffered from chronic neck and back pain and experienced regular colds, asthma and insomnia for years unable to find true and lasting relief from any of the treatments Western Medicine provided. It was after discovering embodiment work and emotional clearing that her health drastically changed and she was finally able to completely overcome what she previously thought to be incurable.

Kathryn spent years studying self-healing and went on to become a certified Spiral Practitioner & facilitator of Wild Grace The Journey, combining specialised knowledge of NLP, Kinesiology, Spiral Dynamics, The Chakra System, Tantra, Sensual Meditation & Yin Yoga.

Able to see what most others cannot, people often turn to Kathryn when most Western Medicine has failed to provide a proper diagnosis or treatment of their chronic conditions.

Kathryn’s life mission is to take people from not understanding the root cause of their physical pain to completely pain free, open, alive, sensual, grounded and connected to their mind, body and spirit. Her passion is to teach people how to connect to their intuition, cultivate intoxicating self love and feel the full pleasure in their body.